Dining Tables- Epoxy Tables- Farmhouse Tables and more.

River Tables

River Table

The mixture of wood and glass is a beautiful thing. We offer a wide variety of slabs species and glass colors to create these beautiful in-laid master pieces. 

Live Edge Tables, Farmhouse Tables, Custom Furniture and more!

Live Edge Conference Table

These beautiful conference or  dining tables are made from trees that have been sourced accordingly. Whether it be a fallen tree in the monsoon season or trees removed for building purposes, we will take that tree and give it new life in your home or business. These handmade tables will take your breath away.

Epoxy Tables

Epoxy Table

Want in on the hottest trend? Epoxy is hitting the market hard. With these modern tables we cast your desired live edge wood species into a food safe liquid plastic epoxy to make for one VERY unique and very custom table. Also available for river table.

*many colors available

*more durable option than glass

Custom Made Tables

Farmhouse Table. Chevron Table. Dining Table

Our handmade tables can be made from a variety of different wood species and include endless design options. 

Cutting Boards

We don't just do large products! We also understand that impressing guest with a nice cheese or cutt

We don't just do large products! We also understand that impressing guest with a nice cheese or cutting board is important too

Custom Pieces

Did we mention that we take custom orders as well?

Did we mention that we do custom pieces as well? 

a little About ME

Hello All

Let me start out by first introducing myself, my name is Tom and I'm the face behind the brand. I started my company back  in 2015 in a small one car garage at the condominium's I was occupying. I started upcycling furniture and reselling on facebook as a side hustle to make some extra money while in the optical field. After about my tenth year in optics I realized I was no longer doing what I was intended to do, no longer using my creative driven brain, my artistic urge, I lost touch with who I actually was and became almost a robot in society. When I started Citizen (at that time Urban Wood)  it brought back that feeling that was beyond lost for so long. The feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of being a human again, the freedom to create how I wanted too, not how some corporation told me too. I have now enveloped my life around it. It has not only taught me how to be creative again, it has allowed me to portray my passion to every single one of my clients. You are the reason I get to do what I do and my promise is to show my appreciation in every single piece  I build

Our Process

A Citizen Wood Co. we strive for unique. My pieces are built with precision, quality, care, and one at a time. This is what sets Citizen apart from major retailers. We specialize in handmade, beautiful Live edge tables, River tables, Epoxy Tables, Farmhouse tables, and custom decor. We use only the highest quality of sustainably sourced wood, non VOC finishing products and top of the line machinery to fabricate you one-of-a-kind heirloom piece.

Our Guarantee

From the moment we receive your order, CWC will include you, the client, with the design process. Whether it be a live edge table, a river table, or just a classic  farmhouse table, you will get to choose from various wood species, to colors of glass or epoxy, all the way down to the base design. We believe client input is very important and want you to be comfortable and included along the way. Furniture is a costly purchase that will need to last many years and with the change of your personal styles along the way so do not be shy in using your imagination along with mine to create the perfect piece. Don't have the creative niche? thats ok too, we will happily design your piece from the ground up.